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Technical assistance and capacity building of Demonstration project on biodiversity conservation and development of Xianju County Project

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Country:   China
Publication Date:   Mar 2, 2017
Deadline (local time):   April 16, 2017 - 09:00
Funding Agency:   Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
Buyer:   CHINA - CMC International Tendering Company (CITC)
Original Language:   English

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Address:   Yiguan Wang
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No. 90 Xisanhuanzhonglu
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Original Text


Country: P.R. China
Project Name: Demonstration project on biodiversity conservation and development of Xianju County Project
TA No. and Name: Lot 1A - Technical assistance and capacity building

The final goal of the project is to establish a pilot national park in Xianju County, for the effective conservation and wise use of biodiversity resources, according to the following specific objectives:
- Insure a high level of conservation and restoration of the biodiversity of the future national park.
- Boost the economic growth and promote a local economic development with a benefit and a livelihood improvement for the local communities, based on the values of ecosystems, landscape and historic and cultural heritage.
- Set up an efficient governance for the national park

The implementation of the project is divided in 8 components:
- Component 1: Nature heritage conservation. Expected results: biodiversity knowledge and conservation, long-term ecosystems’ observation.
- Component 2: Ecological restoration. Expected results: mining sites restoration, restoration of deteriorated forests and farm lands.
- Component 3: Cultural heritage conservation. Expected results: knowledge and protection of cultural heritage and farming heritage.
- Component 4: Ecotourism. Expected results: ecotourism strategic and implementation plan, ecotourism development of Gongyu villages, Fanzheng and others areas.
- Component 5: Environmental education. Expected results: design of environmental interpretation plan, design and setting up of the museum and monitoring center, interpretation and experience facilities along trails, environmental education auxiliary products.
- Component 6: Community development. Expected results: support to improve environment in NP villages and organic agriculture promotion, value-added production system benefited from the brand of the national park.
- Component 7: Capacity building. Expected results: NP institution establishment, international exchange platform and NP information management system, environmental and social impact analysis and environmental and social management plan.
- Component 8: Construction of infrastructures. Expected results: construction of 2 cableways, improvement and construction of trails and roads, improvement of infrastructures, construction of a visitor center and the national park entrance.

Xianju National Park Development Co., Ltd. intends to apply part of the proceeds for Lot 1A: the consulting services for Technical assistance and capacity building.

The services under this lot include following tasks:

Task 1: Technical assistance to the project implementation
The contractor shall assist the project owner in the project management, which includes, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:
- Guide the project owner on project implementation;
- Assist the project owner on bidding process, including: 1) provide training on procurement procedures with regard to AFD’s procurement guidelines; 2) assist the preparation of bidding documents (technical and commercial parts); 3) assist the bidding evaluation process if necessary as observer; 4) assist the preparation and revision of commercial contracts;
- Assist the project owner on financial and compatibility management of the project and provide training on disbursement procedure;
- Assist the project owner to prepare project progress reports on the semi-annual basis and project completion report, if the contract finally financed by AFD loan, the above mentioned reports will be also submitted to AFD.
- Develop a project evaluation system with the definition of key indicators and monitoring mechanism;
- Assist the project owner on the valorization of his geographic information system for the monitoring and management system of the NP and the vocations map of the NP charter;
- Invite French experts from relevant fields to take part in the annual NP forum, publish papers/articles and support the project owner to publish papers/articles in national and international journals and academic reviews
- Supervise and coordinate the training programs to the project owner and other relevant stakeholders (including local communities) to improve their comprehensive capacity of management.

Task 2: Technical assistance to the establishment of NP efficient and participative management system
The goal of task 2 is to support the project owner and the NP management committee to set up the innovative governance of the NP, based on a participative and integrated approach.

Task 3: Technical assistance for designing the NP brand value-added products system
The aim of the NP brand system is to generate added value for local goods and services and promote territorial development, in order to demonstrate how a National Park can provide benefits to people and local communities and to influence public policies at the central level.

Task 4: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Resettlement Action Plan, and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

Task 4 includes the elaboration of the ESIA and ESMP of the project and the monitoring program of their implementation, with the aim to promote international best practices on environmental and social management and to minimize the negative impacts of the project on environmental and social aspects. The studies to be performed must be in line with the Chinese standards. If the contract finally financed by AFD loan, the above mentioned studies must also follow AFD’s standards.

Sub-task 4.1: Specific Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Sub-task 4.2: Project Social Impact Study (SIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Gender Action Plan (GAP)
Sub-task 4.3: Elaboration of the environmental and social management plan (ESMP) of the projects
Sub-task 4.4: monitoring program of the implementation of ESMP

Task 5 - Identify biodiversity hotspots and different ecosystems sensitivity, based on an improved knowledge of biodiversity
The contractor will produce the biodiversity baseline of Xianju County and identify the hotspots of biodiversity and the sensitivity of the different ecosystems, especially in the areas near the development projects and within Xianju NP, on the basis of existing studies and inventories already done and/or to be completed during the project.

Task 6: Design and implement a conservation biology applied-research program on endangered species, habitats and ecosystems
The goal of this task is to provide the required data, studies and methods to ensure the conservation of key ecosystems and endangered species. It includes two sub-tasks.
Sub-task 6.1: Specific studies and applied research on key ecosystems
Sub-task 6.2: Conservation biology research on rare and endangered species

Task 7: Preparation of application forms to be submitted to the Man and Biosphere (MAB) program and the World Heritage List
The contractor will prepare the required scientific, social and economic argumentation and documents for an application of Xianju NP to be approved as a MAB site. The contractor will also prepare an application form for nomination of Xianju NP to the World Heritage List, to be included in the Tentative List submitted by China to the UNESCO.

Task 8: Production of video documentaries
The contractor will product 4 (four) video documentaries focused on the special feature of Xianju NP biodiversity, volcano-rhyolite and remarkable species. These documentaries must have a strong educational value, a high picture quality (at least HD) and a very attractive film script.
Consultants shall be responsible for the completion of all of the above mentioned services.

The services under this lot are to be provided by a team comprising of international and local consultants with rich experience in the field. The consulting services run through the entire project implementation period, i.e. from 2017 to 2022.

General expertise requirements for the Consultant are as following:

Services are to be provided by a consortium of Chinese and foreign consulting firms. The consortium must have:
- Demonstrated track record in supporting protected area strengthening or consolidation in East Asia and China. Previous experience with AFD projects will be an advantage.
- Demonstrated experience in managing biodiversity projects with important social and economic benefits for local communities, in particular by ecotourism development and brand value-added products system.
- Demonstrated experience in supporting the implementation of internationally financed projects in China.

The proposed Project team must include key experts of the following categories:
- Team leader: he/she should be an international expert with at least a master’s degree and at least 15 years of professional experience in team leadership, ecology, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, environment protection, protected area management or a related field. He/she should undertake coordination with the project management office (PMO) and relevant local/national authorities. He/she has the overall responsibility for delivery of the consulting services, and provides leadership, guidance and supervision to the whole consulting team.
- Deputy team leader: he/she should be a national expert with at least a master’s degree and at least 15 years of professional experience in ecology, protected area management, biodiversity conservation or a related filed. He/she should undertake coordination with the project management office (PMO) and relevant local/national authorities, should help the PMO to supervise the project implementation in accordance with international and national best practices, and during the absence of the Team leader, he/she should provide leadership, guidance and supervision to the whole consulting team.
- Environmental expert: the environmental team should include an international environment safeguards expert and a national institute with EIA (environmental impact assessment) license – grade A level. The international expert should have at least a master’s degree in environment protection, ecology, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, or a related field, and at least 10 years of professional experience in conducting EIA and environmental safeguards monitoring for internationally financed projects. The national institute should have EIA license – grade A level - and be very familiar with Chinese and international donors (World Bank, ADB, AFD, etc.) environment safeguards policies.
- Social development expert: the expert should have at least a master’s degree in sociology or a related field, and at least 10 years of professional experience in social impact assessment and social safeguards (including resettlement and gender issues) advising and/or monitoring for internationally financed projects. He/she should be very familiar with World Bank social safeguards policies (in particular OP4.12).
- Procurement expert: the expert should have at least a master’s degree in finance, commerce, economics, law or a related field, and at least 10 years of professional experience in procurement and contract management for internationally financed projects, especially by AFD, World Bank or ADB. He/she should be very familiar with Chinese bidding regulations and laws, and AFD/World Bank procurement guidelines.
- Biodiversity documentary producer: the documentary team could be an independent film producer or a professional film production firm, with a proven, extensive and relevant international working experience in nature documentary production, that will include having a track record of own films broadcasted on national or international TV channels.
- Specialized short-term international and national experts. The required areas of expertise of these experts will be the followings :
• Protected areas participative governance, planning and management, with a very good knowledge of French national park and regional natural park system
• Territorial dialogue and participative approach, with the suitable adjustments to the institutional and social situation
• Protected areas and National Parks value-added products system, including the French “marque Parc” system
• Chinese trademark legal framework and laws
• Geographic information system and satellite imaging
• Ecological inventory methodology and implementation, with scientific experts of the various plants and animals groups
• Conservation biology and ecosystem restoration plans
• Economic value of the ecosystems goods and services
• Experience of candidature for Man and Biosphere program (UNESCO) application and submission

Specific recommendations for the bidders
The assignment of the key experts will be shared between missions in Xianju and office work.
The technical composition of the bidder’s Project Team and the balance of international and Chinese experts is for the bidders to determine.
The members of the team must preferably have the ability to work in English. Speaking Chinese will be an advantage.

CMC International Tendering Co., Ltd. entrusted by Xianju National Park Development Co., Ltd., now invites consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.

Xianju National Park Development Co., Ltd. and CMC International Tendering Co., Ltd. will prepare a short list of maximum six candidates to be pre-selected on the basis of the expressions of interest received to whom he will send a Request for Proposals to perform the services.

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 9:00am (Beijing Time) of April 16, 2017:
- By email: /liulu@citc.genertec.com.cn
- OR by writing letter: Mr. Wang Yiguan/Ms. Liu Lu, Rm 1106, Genertec Plaza, No. 90 Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Beijing, China

The Client:
Xianju National Park Development Co., Ltd
Add: No. 2 Industrial Road, Xianju County, Zhejiang Province, China
Contact: Mr. Peng Junwei

The Client’s Agent:
CMC International Tendering Co., Ltd.
Add: Rm 1106, Genertec Plaza, No. 90 Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Beijing, China
Contact: Mr. Wang Yiguan/Ms. Liu Lu
Tel: 86-10- 63348675 /8503
Fax: 86-10-63373562
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